Who we are

Inprem Cashew Initiative is a subsidiary of Inprem Holistic Community Resource Center. Founded in the USA, Columbus Ohio through grassroots action in 2018 to alleviate the poverty rate in the African Communities. Inprem has grown throughout the years to become one of the most effective and wide-reaching Non-Governmental Organizations in Africa. Thanks to the collective efforts of our dedicated staff, we have been able to serve various communities in Africa and now we have established a Cashew Initiative focused on building the Cashew Industry in Ghana.Inprem Cashew Initiative is focused on helping framers first, as the core aim of Inprem has been to alleviate the poverty rates in Africa. The support given to these framers helps them earn a comfortable living.

Our Core Values

Team Spirit

We believe that together we can make everyone succeed, buyers, sellers and farmers.


We put in every effort to make our farmers reap their best, we work tirelessly to provide quality products, service and support to our buyers.


We mean what we say, we are honest and open in all our dealings and we demonstrate trust worthy behavior.