Support Farmers

Farming in general in West Africa Ghana is often handled by individuals or families who inherit this as a family trade, most of them the lack education and resources to make their venture successful and this story is not different for the cashew farming industry. There is therefore a setback when it comes to getting the highest possible yield.

At Inprem Cashew Initiative we have made it our goal to make these farmers and the cashew industry as a whole to succeed by providing farmers support they need. This we do by providing farmers financial assistance, tools, machinery and equipment as well as fertilizers. We give them the flexibility to pay this back over a period of time.

We act as their support system giving them the guidance and education they need to make their cashew farming a success.

Buy Cashew

One way we help farmers succeed is to buy their cashew produce.
We sort the cashew they bring us and pay the market value price based on grade and quantity.

We buy all the varieties of cashew available on the market mainly:

  • Brazilian variety
  • Tanzania variety
  • Benin Variety

Sell Cashews

Are you a buyer? Inprem only sources the best cashew. We buy the varieties that are of the highest quality and taste and package them for selling.

We also have cashew plantations and processing facilities. Here we produce the highest quality cashew nut kernels and we are working to increase our capacity daily.

This sector of the cashew initiative has the infrastructure in place give consistent supply of cashew all year round.

We meet all regulations and compliance demanded by the government for the Cashew Industry.

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